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All You Need To Know About UK DBS Certificates

All You Need To Know About UK DBS Certificates

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

What is a UK DBS Certificate? 


A DBS Certificate, formally known as a CRB Check, is a type of background check that details the criminal records of an applicant. It ascertains a person’s eligibility to work with children and (or) vulnerable adults. 

A UK DBS Certificate is simply a DBS Check obtained in the UK. 


Types of DBS Certificates


There are two types of DBS Certificates: a standard criminal disclosure check and an enhanced disclosure check. 

The standard criminal disclosure check is solely used for administrative purposes, such as screening someone for a high-ranking position in the financial industry.

On the other hand, the enhanced disclosure check helps employers to screen their (potential) employees and volunteers and ascertain their eligibility for work that involves caring for children and vulnerable adults. 


Why Do You Need a DBS Certificate? 


The primary purpose of a DBS Certificate is to guarantee the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults by preventing incompetent people from coming in contact with them. 

Many employers use a DBS Certificate as a determinant factor for a potential employee’s suitability for a job. In fact, it’s a legal requirement for many job vacancies. 

Also, you may need an enhanced disclosure if: you apply for a license for your business, you apply to adopt a child, or you apply to work in a nursing home, school, or hospital.


Where Can You Get Your DBS Certificate? 


If your employer asks for a DBS Check, you can apply for a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced check through DBS Check Online. It’s a straightforward process with fast online document processing. Apply now or reach out to us if you need further assistance. 


What Do You Need To Apply?


Regardless of which level of DBS Check you want to apply for, there are certain documents required to confirm your identity. They’re split into two groups: 

  • Group 1: Primary identification documents
  • Group 2 (a): Trusted government documents
  • Group 2 (b): Financial and social history documents


Basic DBS Check


A Basic DBS check is the only certificate you can apply for as an individual because it isn’t job-specific. You don’t need to be part of an organization or even have a job. Also, it has no eligibility criteria, so anyone can apply for it.  

When applying for a Basic DBS Certificate, you need: 

  • A document of identification — passport or driving license
  • A document that verifies your address — bank or credit card statement, driving license, or utility bill, provided it shows your current address. 


Standard and Enhanced DBS Check


Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks can only be requested by eligible companies. Individuals can’t apply for this. 

These are the required documents: 

  • Primary identification documents: birth or adoption certificate, passport, biometric residence permit, and full or provisional driving license. 
  • Trusted government documents: birth certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate, full or provisional driving license, paper driving license, HM Forces ID card, and firearms license.
  • Financial and social history documents: bank/building society statement, credit card statement, mortgage statement, a statement showing pension, endowment, or benefit, P45/P60, council tax statement, EU National ID card, government entitlement document, visa or work permit, letter of reference from a future employer, and a letter of reference from your headteacher or school principal. 

How Long Does It Take To Process A DBS Certificate? 

A basic check usually takes five to ten working days to process. Typically, it takes about eight weeks to process Standard or Enhanced DBS Checks. However, if the information you provided is incorrect, it might take longer. 

Once the check is complete, you will receive an email notification and the certificate will be sent to you. 


What If You Get Your UK DBS Certificate Lost?


What if you lose your UK DBS Certificate and don’t know how to replace it? Don’t fret! All you have to do is apply for a new one and pay the required fee. 

If you want to apply for a DBS Certificate or replace a lost UK DBS Certificate, you can reach out to us here. Our experts are readily available to answer your questions.

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