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Applying for a DBS Check If You Are Self-Employed

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

Applying for a DBS check if you are self-employed might seem daunting but we’re here to make it as manageable and simple as possible. 

In this article, we’ll answer the top 5 questions people have about self-employment and DBS checks, and we’ll walk you through the process of applying for a DBS check with us.

How Do I Get A DBS Check If I’m Self-Employed?


You can acquire a basic DBS check as a self-employed individual. DBS Check Online offers a simple platform for you to apply for a basic level DBS check.

Can I Apply For A Standard DBS Check Myself?


The 3 most common types of DBS checks are basic, standard, and enhanced. Each type provides an increased level of information and background checks. We describe each in detail here

As a self-employed individual, you can easily apply for a basic DBS check through DBS Check Online. 

You can also get a standard-level DBS check as a self-employed person. However, the process is a little different from getting a basic check.

This is because standard and enhanced checks are designed to provide in-depth information to employers seeking to make recruitment decisions. It’s assumed you can’t make a high-level decision like this for yourself. 

There are generally two ways to get a standard check for yourself if you’re self-employed:

You can get a standard DBS check through a local authority or council. 

You can also ask the organization seeking to partner with you to apply for your standard or enhanced DBS check.

How Can I Get An Enhanced DBS Check For Myself?


You can also get an enhanced DBS check as a self-employed person. 

The process for getting any kind of enhanced DBS check is the same as getting a standard check. You’ll need to acquire one through a partnering organization, a local authority, or a council.

How Do I Get A DBS Basic Check If I’m Self-Employed? 


DBS Check Online makes applying for a basic DBS check for yourself very simple and affordable.

-Apply In An Hour Or Less: Our user-friendly, proprietary platform streamlines your process and gets your application going in an hour or less.

-Upload All Your Necessary Documents: You can easily upload and confirm all necessary documents.

-Our Professional Advisors Personally Review Your Application: We review all information to make sure it’s complete and correct before it’s submitted. We’ll contact you to correct any errors or omissions.

-Expect Lightning-Fast Delivery: Fast-track your application to get it back in less than 48 hours. All other applications only take 3-7 days to return.

Apply for your DBS check right now

How Much Does A Basic DBS Check Cost? 


DBS Check Online has no monthly fee or hidden charges. Pay only for the services you need.

When You Use Us, Applying For A DBS Check If You Are Self-Employed Comes With Extra Benefits


The benefits of applying for your basic DBS check with us include things like application tracking, enhanced data security, certificate support and monitoring, and SMS and email alerts. Learn more here

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