Why Do I Need An Automatic DBS Check renewal service in the UK?

Why do I Need An Automatic DBS Check renewal service in the UK

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

DBS checks are mandatory in specific industries and volunteer positions in the UK. They inform you and the employer or supervisor of any criminal convictions that may be a cause for concern in the UK. Positions that may require a DBS check are generally positions that require you to have a medium to a high level of responsibility and often work with vulnerable people. They are in place to protect your customers or clients, and three levels depend on which employment you are working in or employing in. Basic, standard, and enhanced reflect the level of responsibility from low to moderate and high. Some Moderate to high employment positions are: 

  • School and kindergarten teachers. 
  • Doctors and Nurses. 
  • Childcare workers or childminders. 


DBS Checks Online UK: Take care of your personal or employee’s Basic DBS Check needs.

Basic DBS checks are required for most low-level responsibility employment. These show all unspent convictions and are generally for specific licenses and secure work visas. However, some employers may ask for them in general employment. Generally, any work that does not expose you to working directly with vulnerable people or children may request this check to ensure your criminal record is clear. 


How Often Should I Renew my DBS Check? 

At DBS Check online, we recommend it every two to three years. However, we can accommodate every 12 months at employers’ request. Keeping your DBS check up to date ensures that any recent activity is included in the checks and that you have a recent up-to-date verification of your good character. You never know when the perfect job opportunity will pop up, and you don’t want to miss out on your dream job or delay starting while waiting on your checks. 


How DBS Checks Online UK can Assist You Keep On Top Of Your Records. 

We are unique in that we understand that most people, especially employers, have a lot of administration and employees to keep on top of. Remembering it all can be incredibly hard and take time away from income-producing activities. At DBS Checks Online UK, we have integrated a system that provides peace of mind by automatically sending out reminders that your annual or Biannual checks are due to be renewed, sent straight to your email. 

You can choose to go one step further and set up an automated process where your or your employees’ DBS checks are rechecked at your personally set interval. We do the footwork for you and let you know if there have been any changes to records that you may want to be aware of and what actions you should take next to obtain a copy. This can be important if there has been a charge on an employee’s record that you are not aware of, and on top of that, forget to get the annual renewals. 


Don’t rely on Sticky notes in your diary to keep you up to date with DBS checks. 

With our simple three-step system and 48-hour to seven-day turnaround, you will never be without a current DBS Check. In addition, by taking advantage of our automatic DBS Check renewal service, you can relax knowing that your mandatory checks are all in order and up to date. 

As an Individual or Business owner, you have a large workload of things to get done, and remember, every day, DBS checks are all we do, so place your employment integrity in the hands of the experts and allow us to take this task off your hands for good.



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