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How To Update DBS Checks After Changing Your Name?

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Once you legally change your name, your employer might ask you to contact a DBS checking service. However, your DBS check can’t automatically update when you notify them of the name change; instead, they will have to check your criminal record under the new title. 

Ways Of Updating Your DBS Checks After Changing Your Name

There are two ways to update your DBS check after changing your name:

Use The DBS Update Service:

The DBS Update Service is a perfect solution for individuals with regularly changing details, including frequent name or address changes. It is possible to update any information held by DBS at any time. If you want to sign up for DBS Update Service, you need to apply within 14 days of acquiring your DBS certificate.

This online subscription service allows you to keep your standard DBS certificates up-to-date. Also, it will enable all employers to check a certificate online once given consent. As an employee, you can use your certificate when applying for a position within a workforce where similar levels and types of checks are needed.

Apply For a Brand-New Check from DBS By Post or Online:

If you have recently changed your name, it is essential to update your DBS check. If you opt for the second option and apply for a brand-new DBS check, ensure you provide details of your current name and your last name. It will enable the DBS to search all your records

For fast, comprehensive, and secure DBS Checks for organizations and individuals, visit DBS Check Online. Here you will find a complete range of DBS via our user-friendly platform. Our services are efficient and quick. Once you submit your application, you will receive your certificate within 48 hours.

What Is the Cost of Updating A DBS Check?

For the change of name to be recorded on DBS, you will have to pay a standard fee for a brand-new DBS check. Applying through a simple application process provided by DBS Check Online will only cost a minimum of £39.40 for a basic DBS check and a little more for the Enhanced or Standard DBS check.

If you opt to sign up for DBS Update Service within 14 days of receiving your original certificate, it will cost £13 yearly. If your employer has requested a new DBS application, they might be willing to cater to the fees. 

Can An Employer Get DBS Checks for Staff?

If you want to acquire DBS checks for your staff, you can do it at DBS Checks Online. Our efficient and user-friendly system allows you to apply for all levels of DBS checks in minutes, avoiding time wastage and avoiding stress. 

Why Choose DBS Check Online?

DBS Check Online is a leading provider of DBS checks in the UK. We offer fast, easy, and convenient online services that make getting the checks you need easy. 

You will need to provide further information about your old and new names to enable DBS experts to gather all your details and complete the certificate. Lack of sufficient information might lead to delays. 

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