How To DBS Check When You Used to Live Abroad?

How To DBS Check When You Used to Live Abroad?

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Living and working in another country is a dream come true for some people. On the other hand, if you return home after spending some time abroad—whether it’s a few months or many years—you might need to conduct a DBS check when applying for certain jobs such as social worker, foster care, teacher, childminder and medical professional.


There are three types of DBS checks:

  • Basic check provides the applicant’s unspent convictions or conditional cautions.
  • Standard check adds reprimands or warnings to the information listed above.
  • Enhanced check adds information from the applicant’s local police force to the standard check.


Individual applications are only permitted with basic DBS checks. However, you can still obtain a standard or enhanced DBS check, but you will need an organization to apply on your behalf. Below are the simple steps to follow when conducting a DBS check.

Identity Verification


To conduct a DBS basic check, you must first be a verified user. Therefore, you need an address and a UK one, for that matter. If you do not have one, you are permitted to use either your home address or your parents’ address. The steps to follow are;

  1. Visit this website to verify that you are who you say you are.


  1. You will then be directed to a page requiring you to choose how you want to prove your identity. The “use GOV.UK Verify option is for people living in the UK with a valid driving license, passport, or UK address. The second option of using a digital identity is for individuals from other European countries.


  1. After clicking your pick and pressing continue, you’ll be prompted to find a company to authenticate your identity.


  1. Continue by answering the questions and clicking “continue”.


  1. If you have a UK driving license, passport, or another UK account, you can proceed with verifying your identity by clicking “I’d like to try to verify using GOV.UK Verify.” You may not be able to get your identity verified in the absence of the aforementioned documentation.


  1. Choose between a UK driver’s license and a UK Passport as your form of identification. There’s only room for one choice.


  1. Respond to the following question


  1. Choose the company you’d like to verify you


  1. You’ll be redirected to the website of the company of your choosing. Create an ID for yourself.

Once you have validated your identity, you can get a DBS check.


Getting a DBS Check


The procedure for obtaining a background check from the DBS is as follows:


Step 1: Filling a DBS Check Application Form Online.


Step 2: Confirming and Uploading Your Documents.


Step 3: Pay the fee for the DBS check. The charges vary according to the type of check.


Step 4: Get your DBS certificate delivered to your address.




A DBS check can be performed on a person who has resided in another country. However, this requires the individual to go through the additional steps required in the country where they resided.

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