DBS Check for locum pharmacists

DBS Check for locum pharmacists

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

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Defining a DBS Check

Employers can check an applicant’s criminal records. This is known as getting a DBS check. Applicants for certain roles, for example, babysitting or taxi drivers, etc can request a more detailed check.

What are the 3 types of DBS checks?

There are different DBS Checks such as basic, standard, and enhanced.


Do locum pharmacists need a DBS check?


It is now the norm that a DBS check is an essential requirement for locum pharmacists. All of the large pharmacy multiples require this and they are included in the registration process when self-employed pharmacists register with them. Employed pharmacists also have to complete a DBS check for their employer as part of their employment contract.


DBS Check Online offers DBS Check certificates

The Benefits Of DBS Check Online


At DBS Checks Online, we provide the complete range of DBS checks online. Our online system is faster and more cost-effective than standard checks, saving you time and money. Our user-friendly, remote-ready platform allows you to quickly and efficiently check DBS certificates from any internet-enabled device, hassle-free. We’ll have your setup completed in about an hour and start processing applications immediately. 


You can also get up-to-date information on the status of your applications so that you can manage your hiring process better. Our online service means no paper is required and no physical documents will need to be transported. As you can see, DBS Check Online can bring numerous advantages to a whole range of businesses. The internet has meant that we can do away with slow, complicated processes and streamline many aspects of our business. When you choose to switch to Online DBS Checks, you will start to see the benefits straight away. If your business is struggling because your employees are overworked due to increased resignations and inefficient hiring and onboarding processes, why not consider changing your checking process? 

Your busy HR and compliance teams will soon find themselves freed from the burden of having to manage manual DBS checks for every candidate. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us today for more information about our services and how they could help increase your business’ productivity. 

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