DBS Check for babysitting

DBS Check for babysitting

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

Want to know if babysitting requires a DBS Check? We will answer this question in our article! Read it to find out more by DBS Check Online.


DBS check? What are we talking about?

Employers can check the criminal record of someone applying for a role. This is known as getting a Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) check. You can request a more detailed check for certain roles, for example in schools or security staff.

Do I need a DBS to babysit?


All prospective babysitters must obtain either a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they can be registered. A basic DBS check shows whether the applicant has any unspent convictions or cautions. There are no eligibility requirements for a basic check anyone aged 16 or older can undergo one.

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What does it propose?


A DBS check is a comprehensive criminal record check. We provide the complete range of DBS checks through our unique, user-friendly platform. Our quick and efficient service may get you up and running in about an hour. Simple registration is all it takes to start using our services. You can pay for the services you use.


At DBS Check Online, we understand the difficulties of keeping up with all the administrative requests your organization has to fulfill. Our streamlined services ensure that your employees’ DBS certificates are kept up to date and reviewed annually, as required by law. We’ve created an automated tool system on our in-house platform, reducing your workload and further safeguarding your processes. When you use our DBS check service, it will email you reminders and automatically re-check your employees’ DBS certifications. If there are any changes to the information on a DBS certificate, you will be notified and given instructions on what to do next.


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