Does Hospital Staff Need DBS Checks?

Does Hospital Staff Need DBS Checks?

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When probably applying for a job, your new employer might ask you to complete a DBS Check (Disclosure and Barring Service) depending on the field. In certain professional fields such as social care, teaching, child-minding, the charity sector, and universities, you might be required to complete a DBS Check to be offered a job opportunity.


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Does Hospital Staff Need the DBS Check?


As we have seen above, you need to complete a DBS Check to be qualified in the social care sector. The provision of healthcare services is a highly regulated sector. Therefore, all hospital staff needs a DBS Check. The hospital staff will be qualified for a Basic, Enhanced, or Standard Check depending on the responsibilities each of them is assigned.

Roles in the Hospital that Might Require a Basic DBS Check


A Basic Check allows you to search for unspent criminal convictions. Thus, it is only used for job activities in which the staff are not directly involved with vulnerable adults or children. The staff that might require the Basic Check include the lab workers, maintenance technicians, admin staff, etc.

Roles that May Require a Standard DBS Check


A Standard Check reveals details of any unspent or spent convictions, warnings, reprimands or cautions present in one’s criminal record. It is primarily used for people that come into contact with patients or visitors but do not have unsupervised, direct contact or involvement with direct patient care. The staff may include the food service workers, cleaners, etc.

Roles that May Require an Enhanced DBS Check


Just like a Standard Check, an Enhanced Check is used to search for the unspent and spent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and warnings. But an Enhanced Check involves requirements of other relevant notes held by the local police departments on a file.


This Check must be applied to all regulated activities in the hospital. It is used for staff that requires direct unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults. The staff that needs this type of Check are the nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, porters, etc.

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