DBS checks for working in schools

DBS checks for working in schools

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service, which is the name of the Home Office-sponsored governing body that handles the checks. Previously, it was also referred to as a Criminal Records Bureau or CRB check. The body covers all processing and issuing of the checks which were traditionally managed through paper forms and transported through the post. However, today, organizations like ours are using the internet to make 14-day waits and endless paper form deliveries a think of the past.


Why Are DBS Checks Important?


During a DBS check, the person under investigation will have their official record read, this record discloses any previous criminal convictions they may have had. It is used to ensure employers have all the information required to make a safe and accurate hiring decision. In this way, it can help with vetting and comparing candidates to make the best and safest decision possible. It is for this reason that DBS checks are legally required by many professions, especially those where you would be in close contact with vulnerable people. For example, a DBS check for working in schools (Teachers, Teacher assistants, School staff) is vitally important to ensuring nobody criminally violent or untrustworthy is left in charge of defenseless children.

The 3 Types of DBS Checks


Depending on the role you are hiring or applying for, you may be required to complete one of three types of DBS checks.


Basic DBS Check

The basic DBS check is the lowest level check and is available for anyone in the UK. It is focused on criminal history, cautions, and convictions and is taken from the Police National Computer (PNC). This check may be used by employers from a wide range of industries including hospitality, construction, retail, tourism, etc. It provides the peace of mind that your new employee has nothing too dreadful on their record. Of course, a DBS check for working in schools (Teachers, Teacher assistants, School staff) would require a much more detailed investigation.


Standard DBS Check

The standard DBS check takes a more detailed look at the criminal record, showing all information on cautions, warnings and reprimands for any misdemeanor still recent enough to be included on the record. In addition, it will identify any unspent conviction in England and Wales or Scotland and Northern Ireland. This provides employers with an added level of security which means employers can ensure that candidates have zero prior offenses like fraud or financial misconduct. It is required for roles that have a lot of responsibility like lawyers, accountants, and some c-level roles.


Enhanced DBS Check

Although this is a similar check to the standard one and will provide all the same information, the enhanced check is only available for employers who must request a new check for every candidate. This type of DBS check also allows employers to see if their candidate appears on either of the Children’s Barred List or Adult First lists, both of which will help the employer judge if the candidate can be trusted with vulnerable people. A DBS check for working in schools (Teacher, Teacher Assist, School staff) or for a role in the healthcare sector will almost always require an enhanced DBS check.

With so many different types of DBS Checks available and long waits for the results, it can be hard to ensure you are doing everything you correct and ensuring you employ the right candidate for the job. Fortunately, our online DBS checks are far quicker than the usually 2-week wait and can be ready in just 24hrs. So, if you are worried about your hiring schedule and compliance requirements, we can help you get up to speed and onboard the right talent straight away.

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