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Documents needed for a DBS check application?

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The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a way for individuals like employers and landlords to look into criminal records. Also known as a “background check” these searches can help to weed out certain individuals and see if they’re the right candidate for a company.


Most commonly, DBS checks obtain arrest records and cautions and warnings recorded in the police national database.  At times, mental health records or inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation can show up if it is associated with a previous police charge. 

Types of Certificates

There are three different types of DBS checks that each search a little deeper into an individual’s background. The three types are basic, standard, and enhanced.  


  • The basic DBS check online includes any criminal records and convictions.


  • The standard DBS check digs a little deeper to show criminal records and convictions and includes details such as cautions, warnings, or reprimands that are included in the police national database.


  • The enhanced DBS checks go even deeper and include everything from the standard DBS check plus a barred list, which shows a list of individuals who are banned from working with children and vulnerable adults. 

Basic DBS Required Documents


The Basic DBS check is the only certificate individuals can apply for since it isn’t job-specific.  There are no specific eligibility criteria and is open for anyone to apply.  When you apply, there are specific required documents, so make sure you include them.  For the basic DBS check, please include:


  • Identification Documents – Passport or Driver’s License


  • Address Verification Documents – Bank or credit card statement, Driver’s License, or utility bill with a current address

Standard and Enhanced DBS Required Documents


Due to the nature of standard and enhanced DBS checks, there are more documents required and they can only be requested by eligible companies.  No individuals can request these checks. For these checks, please include:


  • Primary Identification Documents – birth or adoption certificate, biometric residence permit, and full or provisional driving license


  • Trusted government documents: birth certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate, full or provisional driving license, paper driving license, HM Forces ID card, and firearms license.


  • Financial and social history documents: bank/building society statement, credit card statement, mortgage statement, a statement showing pension, endowment, or benefit, P45/P60, council tax statement, EU National ID card, government entitlement document, visa or work permit, letter of reference from a future employer, and letter of reference from your headteacher or school principal. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?


Around 40% of our checks come back in 48 hours and with our simple registration process, you can get up and running in about an hour. If you don’t get your check returned in 48 hours, most will receive it in two to seven days via email.  Make sure you have the correct documentation and information so you do not experience any delays.

What happens if you lose your DBS Certificate?


You will have to apply for a new one and repay the fee.


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