• All You Need To Know About UK DBS Certificates

    All You Need To Know About UK DBS Certificates

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    What is a UK DBS Certificate? 


    A DBS Certificate, formally known as a CRB Check, is a type of background check that details the criminal records of an applicant. It ascertains a person’s eligibility to work with children and (or) vulnerable adults. 

    A UK DBS Certificate is simply a DBS Check obtained in the UK. 


    Types of DBS Certificates


    There are two types of DBS Certificates: a standard criminal disclosure check and an enhanced disclosure check. 

    The standard criminal disclosure check is solely used for administrative purposes, such as screening someone for a high-ranking position in the financial industry.

    On the other hand, the enhanced disclosure check helps employers to screen their (potential) employees and volunteers and ascertain their eligibility for work that involves caring for children and vulnerable adults. 


    Why Do You Need a DBS Certificate? 


    The primary purpose of a DBS Certificate is to guarantee the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults by preventing incompetent people from coming in contact with them. 

    Many employers use a DBS Certificate as a determinant factor for a potential employee’s suitability for a job. In fact, it’s a legal requirement for many job vacancies. 

    Also, you may need an enhanced disclosure if: you apply for a license for your business, you apply to adopt a child, or you apply to work in a nursing home, school, or hospital.


    Where Can You Get Your DBS Certificate? 


    If your employer asks for a DBS Check, you can apply for a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced check through DBS Check Online. It’s a straightforward process with fast online document processing. Apply now or reach out to us if you need further assistance. 


    What Do You Need To Apply?


    Regardless of which level of DBS Check you want to apply for, there are certain documents required to confirm your identity. They’re split into two groups: 

    • Group 1: Primary identification documents
    • Group 2 (a): Trusted government documents
    • Group 2 (b): Financial and social history documents


    Basic DBS Check


    A Basic DBS check is the only certificate you can apply for as an individual because it isn’t job-specific. You don’t need to be part of an organization or even have a job. Also, it has no eligibility criteria, so anyone can apply for it.  

    When applying for a Basic DBS Certificate, you need: 

    • A document of identification — passport or driving license
    • A document that verifies your address — bank or credit card statement, driving license, or utility bill, provided it shows your current address. 


    Standard and Enhanced DBS Check


    Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks can only be requested by eligible companies. Individuals can’t apply for this. 

    These are the required documents: 

    • Primary identification documents: birth or adoption certificate, passport, biometric residence permit, and full or provisional driving license. 
    • Trusted government documents: birth certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate, full or provisional driving license, paper driving license, HM Forces ID card, and firearms license.
    • Financial and social history documents: bank/building society statement, credit card statement, mortgage statement, a statement showing pension, endowment, or benefit, P45/P60, council tax statement, EU National ID card, government entitlement document, visa or work permit, letter of reference from a future employer, and a letter of reference from your headteacher or school principal. 

    How Long Does It Take To Process A DBS Certificate? 

    A basic check usually takes five to ten working days to process. Typically, it takes about eight weeks to process Standard or Enhanced DBS Checks. However, if the information you provided is incorrect, it might take longer. 

    Once the check is complete, you will receive an email notification and the certificate will be sent to you. 


    What If You Get Your UK DBS Certificate Lost?


    What if you lose your UK DBS Certificate and don’t know how to replace it? Don’t fret! All you have to do is apply for a new one and pay the required fee. 

    If you want to apply for a DBS Certificate or replace a lost UK DBS Certificate, you can reach out to us here. Our experts are readily available to answer your questions.

  • DBS check online: Our services

    DBS check online: Our services

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    DBS Check Online provides a good quality background check that you can trust before doing business with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you need a background check on an individual or an organization DBS Check Online has you covered within your DBS online account!

    We have different packages for both individuals and organizations. 

    Our Disclosure and Barring Service packages:

    Basic DBS check:

    The choices are basic, standard, and enhanced. The basic package will include any unspent criminal convictions. That means any convictions that are still on a criminal record and have not been removed as a condition of completing your rehabilitation. The basic package can be applied to either an individual or an organization. 


    Standard DBS check

    Our standard package is an option for certain roles who will not have regular contact with not only children but also vulnerable adults. Generally, we see these applied in the financial, legal, and gaming industry.

    Enhanced DBS check

    Our enhanced check is to check everything possible in a criminal background. It will show every conviction it does not matter if rehabilitation has been completed or not. It does not only run against Police Nationals records but against the children and adult barred list as well. It’s a requirement for any roles that involve you having an ongoing connection with either children or vulnerable adults. 

    Our value:

    No matter which package you choose, we are proven to be quick and efficient. Almost half of our reports are returned in under forty-eight hours!  We know you are busy and your time is very precious. That is why we have developed a very user-friendly platform with your DBS online account that can get you up and running in about an hour. We do not have a monthly fee so you only pay for the services that you need. So we are affordable for everyone and have your needs covered.

    Another way that we have you covered is that we will check the certifications that you have received from us often and make sure that they are still current. If we determine that something needs to be rechecked on a previous background check to make sure that no criminal activity has changed we will email you automatically to make you aware of that. In this process, we have eliminated human error as much as possible as these checks are completed by an in-house tool that we utilize.

    We understand the importance of the information that you are entrusting us with. We have many safety guards to keep all your information safe and secure from any possible data breaches.

    Some important information for you to know is that even though we are located in the UK we can still help with your needs and you can still utilize our services even if you are located outside of the UK. We would recommend using our premium package in this situation as overseas shipping is included in the cost.

    In the spirit of transparency please note we are in no way affiliated with the UK government we are a third party providing you with a valuable service for a fee. What that means to you is that if there is a disagreement about something found in a report for example a conviction showing up that should not have been on your report we can not correct that. That is something that will have to be addressed directly with the branch of government reporting that information to us.


    How to get your DBS check?

    So how do you get things started? We have made it as quick and painless as possible with our easy three-step system. First, you complete a simple application on our site. Then you confirm and upload the needed documents. 

    That’s it! You then just wait for your report to show up in just 2-7 business days. We even send it to your email so there is no waiting on the mail! We also have the ability for you to be notified via text message or email when your application has been processed and completed for the background check. In addition to that, you also can track the status of your background check in the member zone as well. So there is no wondering if you know exactly where we are in the process the entire time.

  • DBS Check Online: What You Need To Know

    DBS Check Online: What You Need To Know

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    What Is A DBS Check?

    DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service. An online DBS check is an easy way for people to check criminal records. Many employers use them to determine whether you would be a good fit for their company, landlords use them to weed out eligible tenants, and sometimes individuals use them personally to look into the criminal history of someone else for various reasons. 

    A DBS check can contain several things. The most common reason for using this service is to obtain arrest records, whether there was time served or not, cautions and warnings that are recorded in the police national database, and sometimes even mental health records or inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation will show up if associated with a previous charge. 

    Types Of DBS Checks

    There are three types of DBS checks: basic, standard and enhanced. Each tier of DBS checks will release different levels of personal information. 

    A basic DBS check online will bring up any criminal records or convictions, this is the lowest but most common level of checks. A standard DBS check will also show any criminal records or convictions and include other details such as cautions, warnings, or reprimands that are held in the police national database. An enhanced DBS check is more in-depth and will show all of the above, in addition to any local police records containing information that might be relevant to the job you’re applying for. Enhanced DBS checks can also include a ‘barred list’ which shows individuals who are banned from working with children and vulnerable adults. This extra feature may come with an additional charge compared to the average enhanced DBS check.

    Why Use DBS Checks?

    You probably worked hard to get to where you are, to build a company, to build a brand. You don’t want employees that don’t appreciate your dedication, nor do you want to hire someone who will compromise all that you’ve worked for. You want employees you can trust, and employees your clients can trust. In order to uphold the integrity of your business, it’s important to hire people who will represent you and your business honestly and with high moral standards. 

    Many employers use online DBS checks to determine if someone would be a good candidate for the position they’re offering or to get a better idea of someone’s character. While denying someone a job because of criminal history can seem biased, and everyone deserves a second chance at life, this can be particularly critical in certain fields. 

    When working with children, it’s crucial to look into a future employee’s criminal history. While some criminal charges may be overlooked in these situations, anything that would make them unfit for working with children will automatically disqualify them from filling the position. This also goes for working with vulnerable adults, such as in-home nursing care or working in an assisted living facility. These employers seek out honest, patient, and morally sound individuals who they can trust to carry out the duties of their job without having to wonder if their clients are at risk. 

    Employers must disclose that they require a background check. They are legally required to ask potential employees for full disclosure of their criminal background. They call this ‘asking an exempted question’ and it usually applies only to specific occupations or fields of work. The legal age to request a DBS check begins at 16 years old. 

    How It Works

    There are 5 steps to obtaining a DBS check. First, an application is filled out and submitted. These applications must be filled out completely and accurately in order to be verified. Once the application is validated and the form is scanned into the DBS system, the Police National Computer (PNC) is searched to check for potential matches. If there are no matches during this stage, the applicant may be asked to provide fingerprints to verify their identity. 

    Once this is completed the Adult’s and Children’s Barred lists are referenced for matches. Afterward, they are sent electronically to the police for further records checks. During this process, police gather information from several organizations that provide additional feedback. If there is any information uncovered it will be assessed according to its relevance and agreed upon by all agencies. 

    Once this step is wrapped up, the information is relayed back to the DBS, where a secured DBS certificate is printed and sent back to the applicant. It is then the applicant’s job to present the certificate to their future employer as requested. If there are any discrepancies on the certificate the applicant can open a dispute to resolve them. 

    DBS checks can take some time, and there are several things that may slow down the process. Depending on how extensive someone’s history is, how many agencies or organizations they must relay information to and from, and how backed up the police are with applications can play a big role in turnaround time. Also, missing information or unclear applications can cause delays. If your application has been with the police force or another law enforcement agency for over 60 days you can submit an online request to check on its status and possibly even expedite the process.

  • How to apply for DBS?

    How to apply for DBS?

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    The Disclosure and Barring Service, previously known as the Criminal Records Bureau, is a non-departmental public body that provides a background check on candidates applying for public and private sector jobs. It acts as an organization that ensures safer recruitment by recognizing people that might not be suitable for a certain type of job. DBS can be divided into three levels, Basic, Standard, and Enhance DBS.

    Why do you need to apply for DBS?

    This brings us to the question, why do I need to apply for DBS? The basic DBS is the lowest level and is only concerned with the idea of not having an active criminal record. It involves checking the national police records for any criminal convictions. Usually, a basic DBS is required by volunteers or tenants that want to move into a new place. The Standard DBS is a little more comprehensive when compared to basic. It involves a more detailed background check to establish that the individual has a “good character” alongside not having criminal records. This is required when you are applying for a job or an environment where you can take advantage such as working with children or vulnerable adults. Last but not the least, Enhance DBS. It is the most trough background check available and is only required when you are applying for a potion that requires direct involvement with people such as children, the elderly, or vulnerable adults.

    It is a common practice of companies in both, the public and private sector to obtain a DBS check for you through your recruitment agency. The agency would request you to provide them with relevant information and apply for the check themselves. If that is not the case, you can apply for a DBS check on your own as well. However, it is not as plain-sailing as it sounds. A DBS check usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks to arrive but due to a high influx of applications and a huge backlog, it is only normal for the check to be delayed for a few weeks.

    DBS Check online helps you apply

    This is where we come in! DBS Check Online, as the name suggests, is an online platform that allows you to obtain DBS certificates within seven working days. In fact, 40% of the checks sent by our platform are returned within 48 hours. All you need to do is fill in our application form and you are good to go! Our services include individual DBS checks as well as organization DBS checks. With a minimal fee, you can get your DBS check and apply for the job you always dreamt about. As a company, we are well aware that the information provided by you is sensitive. Resultantly, we have secured our servers using the best technology and superior encryption techniques. You can simply fill in your details on an online form offered on our website and get the application started. We also offer DBS status checking services, where we ensure that your checks are valid and up to date.

    So, be it volunteer work for an NGO or the corporate dream job yours, we have got you covered with quick and reliable DBS checks.

  • Why do I Need An Automatic DBS Check renewal service in the UK

    Why do I Need An Automatic DBS Check renewal service in the UK

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    DBS checks are mandatory in specific industries and volunteer positions in the UK. They inform you and the employer or supervisor of any criminal convictions that may be a cause for concern in the UK. Positions that may require a DBS check are generally positions that require you to have a medium to a high level of responsibility and often work with vulnerable people. They are in place to protect your customers or clients, and three levels depend on which employment you are working in or employing in. Basic, standard, and enhanced reflect the level of responsibility from low to moderate and high. Some Moderate to high employment positions are: 

    • School and kindergarten teachers. 
    • Doctors and Nurses. 
    • Childcare workers or childminders. 


    DBS Checks Online UK: Take care of your personal or employee’s Basic DBS Check needs.

    Basic DBS checks are required for most low-level responsibility employment. These show all unspent convictions and are generally for specific licenses and secure work visas. However, some employers may ask for them in general employment. Generally, any work that does not expose you to working directly with vulnerable people or children may request this check to ensure your criminal record is clear. 


    How Often Should I Renew my DBS Check? 

    At DBS Check online, we recommend it every two to three years. However, we can accommodate every 12 months at employers’ request. Keeping your DBS check up to date ensures that any recent activity is included in the checks and that you have a recent up-to-date verification of your good character. You never know when the perfect job opportunity will pop up, and you don’t want to miss out on your dream job or delay starting while waiting on your checks. 


    How DBS Checks Online UK can Assist You Keep On Top Of Your Records. 

    We are unique in that we understand that most people, especially employers, have a lot of administration and employees to keep on top of. Remembering it all can be incredibly hard and take time away from income-producing activities. At DBS Checks Online UK, we have integrated a system that provides peace of mind by automatically sending out reminders that your annual or Biannual checks are due to be renewed, sent straight to your email. 

    You can choose to go one step further and set up an automated process where your or your employees’ DBS checks are rechecked at your personally set interval. We do the footwork for you and let you know if there have been any changes to records that you may want to be aware of and what actions you should take next to obtain a copy. This can be important if there has been a charge on an employee’s record that you are not aware of, and on top of that, forget to get the annual renewals. 


    Don’t rely on Sticky notes in your diary to keep you up to date with DBS checks. 

    With our simple three-step system and 48-hour to seven-day turnaround, you will never be without a current DBS Check. In addition, by taking advantage of our automatic DBS Check renewal service, you can relax knowing that your mandatory checks are all in order and up to date. 

    As an Individual or Business owner, you have a large workload of things to get done, and remember, every day, DBS checks are all we do, so place your employment integrity in the hands of the experts and allow us to take this task off your hands for good.



  • Do You Need A Disclosure And Barring Service Certificate For A Part-Time Job In The UK?

    Do You Need A Disclosure And Barring Service Certificate For A Part-Time Job In The UK?

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    With the continuous increase in the level of crime committed against children and vulnerable adults, the UK government in its 1974 exceptions order to the rehabilitation of offenders act, has made it part of job application for applicants to have a background check, hence, the DBS certificate.

    What Is DBS Certificate?

    A disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate or DBS check is a form of a background check. It confirms an applicant’s criminal record and whether or not they are suitable for the job. 

    DBS check was formerly known as Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check. But when the bureau merged with ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority), the certificate became a DBS check. The certificate is a hard copy containing records of convictions, warnings, cautions, and reprimands. 

    There are three kinds of Disclosure and Barring Service certificates; basic, standard, and enhanced DBS checks.

    Basic DBS Check

    Basic DBS Check is the simplest form of the criminal record check. It is available for applicants in England and Wales. It checks for unspent convictions. If there are none, the certificate will say so.

    Standard DBS Check

    Standard DBS checks for spent/unspent conviction cautions. and reprimands. It does not disclose other police information, nor does it check the certificate against ISA-barred lists.

    Enhanced DBS Check

    Enhanced DBS checks for convictions, cautions, reprimands, and warnings. It also checks the information against ISA barred lists and with the local police.

    Why Is DBS Certificate Needed?

    As an employer, you cannot be certain of the kind of people you hire. The least you can do is confirm their criminal record. This is very important if the said applicant will have direct access to kids or defenseless adults. 

    As an applicant, a DBS check is crucial in confirming your suitability for a job. It also builds a kind of trust between you and your would-be employer. 

    The certificate is checked against the Children/Adults’ barred list to see if the applicant is worthy of the job. 

    Is DBS Certificate Needed For a Part-Time Job In The UK?

    Disclosure and barring certificate is needed for part-time jobs (or a full-time one) in the UK.  Especially if you are applying for a post that puts you in close quarters with kids and helpless adults. Part-time job as;

    • A Teacher
    • Social Worker 
    • Childminder/babysitter
    • Foster Carer
    • Medical Professional

    requires a Disclosure and Barring Service check.

    Where To Get DBS Certificate

    Getting a DBS certificate is easy. There are organizations and online services that can help you with that. All you need to do is select a DBS certificate option, make payment, fill out the form online and verify your ID. The certificate will be sent to the designated address when it is ready, usually 5-10 days. 

    One of such firms is DBS check online. We offer fast and comprehensive checks for both individuals and organizations. Our services are fast-track for basic, standard, and enhanced DBS checks. Applicants will receive their certificate within 2-7 working days after submitting their application.

    A disclosure and Barring Service check is a certificate in line with the constitutional law of the UK. You can volunteer for it to have the certificate at hand or your employer may request you go for one. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered at DBS Check Online. To get started, contact us today!

  • Get DBS Check Online 

    Get DBS Check Online 

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    You probably landed here searching for a convenient way to access the criminal DBS records of an individual, organization, or any other party. You have also probably realized the challenge in performing the check process using traditional techniques. However, you can access these records through our platform. Here are some of the benefits of our get dbs certificate online service:

    The DBS Check online makes up for an affordable solution you should use to manage or check employee records online. Though the services guarantee you access to quality information and fast responses, they are pocket friendly. 

    We can also produce custom-made DBS check offers to suit your needs. All their service offers are concise and don’t contain any hidden clauses for when you finally make payments.

    • User-Friendly Platform

    Are you new to the search process for DBS records online? Do you struggle with resources to access quality information online about UK companies or individuals? Our online service features a user-friendly platform you can use for this process. 

    Our site features customized interfaces, which the technical team has developed for several months. The customer support team is also readily available to provide fast responses to any queries you post. 

    • Legitimate Information

    You are also sure of accessing information from a legitimate service provider. The team that runs the systems at our site validates the information and ensures that it’s relevant to your search needs. We also go great lengths to ensure that you receive fast responses and search results concisely. Specifically, most of our responses come back before the 48 hours.

    1. Simple User Registration Process 

    The steps involved in using the get dbs certificate online platform are simple and can include:

    • Visit the website.
    • Click on the “Get Started Link”
    • Provide all the relevant details about the employee on the certificate page
    • Hit the send button, and wait for your certificate to send.
    • Wait for up to to two days for our team to process the information.
    • Supports Different Types of User Search Functions

    The get dbs certificate online platform lets you perform various database check functions. Specifically, you can perform:

    • Individual checks refer to the information you seek on individuals, such as their names, location, and addresses.
    • Organizational checks refer to any exclusive records on organizations with an adverse history.
    • Automated Tools and Certificate Reviews 

    You wil also have access to automated DBS checking tools that the site provides. The goal of the automated tools is to make the data search process convenient, especially as some records take long to process. Our team is constantly working in the background to ensure you get quality information.

    Part of the quality of information we provide involves performing regular certificate reviews. We evaluate each certificate and use customized technologies to process your data against the available records.

    Searching for information online about organizations or individuals should no longer be challenging. The reason is that our get DBS check platform provides you with convenient access to quality information.

  • Which Parts of a Criminal Record Do DBS Checks Reveal?

    Which Parts of a Criminal Record Do DBS Checks Reveal?

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    We at DBS Check Online understand your need for fast and accurate criminal record information. Our service was designed with customers in mind. When you need vital information on someone’s criminal background, timeliness and accuracy are of the utmost importance.

    That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to return thorough and accurate DBS records in as little as 48 hours. Our platform is easy to use and gives you the results you seek in less time. To use, simply sign up, upload the requested identification documents and submit. Leave the rest to us. 

    When you order a DBS report, you may wonder what information will appear and what it will mean. Let’s explore the different types of DBS checks, what they contain and what the information reveals about a potential employee.

    Types of DBS Checks

    The parts of a criminal record a DBS check reveals depend on which type of DBS check is ordered. There are three kinds: basic, standard, and enhanced.

    The basic check shows any unspent convictions and cautions. The standard check includes more detail, showing everything the basic check does plus warnings and reprimands. The enhanced check is the most detailed of all. It provides the same info as the other two types do but includes additional details that are relevant to the job the potential employee would be doing. For example, if they’re seeking a job working with patients or minors, the enhanced DBS will show sex offenses or crimes against vulnerable adults. Other specific parts of the applicant’s criminal record may be added to the enhanced DBS check if they are relevant to the job being applied for. Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific items included in each type of DBS report.

    Parts of Criminal Records on DBS Checks


    Convictions are included on basic DBS certificates provided they are unspent. Spent convictions appear only on enhanced checks. If an applicant has ever pleaded guilty to a charge or was found guilty by the court, a conviction will appear on the basic DBS check. They will appear even if the person has been partially or fully discharged, meaning they served little or no punishment for the crime.

    Court-martial convictions will appear also if they’ve served or a currently serving in the armed forces. Convictions from offenses committed overseas appear as well. 


    A caution is a formal statement given by a police officer to someone guilty of a minor crime. It’s an alternative to prosecution and is meant to have a deterrent effect. By readily admitting guilt of a small offense in exchange for caution, the offender may bypass the possibility of being tried and convicted for the crime. However, the caution does become a part of their criminal record and will show up on a DBS check.

    There are two types of cautions – a police caution otherwise known as a simple caution and a conditional caution. A police caution is a simple statement read to the offender by a senior police officer at the station and is offered without conditions. A conditional caution requires the offender to fulfill certain obligations in exchange for the privilege of avoiding prosecution. For example, a person may be required to take a rehabilitation course, pay a fine, or if they aren’t a citizen or resident leave the country to get the caution and avoid prosecution.

    Spent vs. Unspent:

    If a conviction or caution is not very recent, it may not require disclosure in a basic DBS check. After a while, the offense will be considered spent and effectively treated as though it never happened. 

    For a conviction, the time is set by the courts and can last anywhere from two to ten years. The time includes any probationary or rehabilitation time that is served. Simple cautions are considered spent immediately after issuance while conditional cautions are considered spent after three months.

    Reprimands and Final Warnings:

    Cautions can be issued to children as young as ten. Up until 2013, these were called reprimands and final warnings. Reprimands were cautions issued to people under 18 who had confessed to their first minor offense. Final warnings were issued for the first or second offense of a person under 18. After a final warning, the young person had to submit to an assessment by the Youth Offending Service to avoid prosecution.

    As of April 2013, the terms “reprimand” and “final warning” are no longer in use and are considered outdated. They have been replaced by youth cautions and youth conditional cautions.

    Local Police Records – Local police records are held by the fall area of a person’s local police and are not the same as records in the Police National Computer. While the Police National Computer records detail convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings, local police records pertain to people who haven’t been convicted for the offense in question but could lead to a future conviction or identify past convictions. Such records include acquittals, allegations, penalty notices, and convictions of those the applicant lives with. These are part of an enhanced DBS check and do not appear on a basic or standard check. 

    Barred Lists – Barred lists contained the names of people who’ve received a caution or conviction for certain violent and non-violent crimes against other people. These include murder, rape, and ill-treatment of vulnerable persons such as children, the elderly, and patients. Appearing on a barred list can potentially prohibit an applicant from getting a job in the medical field, childcare, teaching, and more. 

    At DBS Check Online, our promise to you is to deliver your DBS certificate in one week or less. And because legal records are ever-changing, we also provide updates to your requested records. Should there be any changes, you’ll be contacted quickly and advised on what to do next. Your piece of mind is our priority and we strive to provide the data you need to help make the best hiring decisions possible. Entrust us with your DBS records needs today.

  • What You Don’t Know About DBS

    What You Don’t Know About DBS

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    Over the years, there has been a rise in the rate at which personnel and professionals abuse their offices. Vulnerable individuals, have been harmed or negatively affected by their supposed caregivers and protectors. Sensitive personal information privy to only legal and security bodies has been disclosed. Thus, making the victims of such actions open to attack, harassment and potential death.

    To reduce these activities and their recurring effects, the United Kingdom’s government commissioned the DBS service. This body is responsible for reviewing individual details and enabling employers to make secure decisions in England, Wales, Channel Island and the Isle of Man.


    What is DBS?

    The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a scanning department in the United Kingdom. They are tasked with the assignment of examining the details of a potential employee and issuing appropriate certificates according to their results. The disclosure team in DBS is responsible for DBS checks while the Barring team is responsible for the maintenance of two lists containing the details of barred persons.

     This department examines the criminal records of the individual before the certificates are sent. DBS check was previously termed CRB (Criminal records Bureau) check. It was restructured and given a new name in 2012,  when the CRB merged with the ISA ( Independent Safeguarding Authority). However, CRB and DBS have similar procedures to reduce confusion.

    DBS Check

    DBS check is a scanning process usually initiated by employers of labor to verify the criminal status of their potential employees. You must have completed other employment processes before your future employer initiates the DBS procedure. This inquiry can be conducted through the DBS department or via a third party organization like DBS check online. A DBS check is used to determine the suitability of an employee for a particular office. At DBS check online, the information you share with us and your certificate is confidential.

    The Validity Period of the DBS Certificate

    Although, it is recommended that your certificate be renewed after three years. Due to the sensitivity of some job positions, employers request a renewal in 6 month- 2 years intervals. So, the current and accurate status of their employees which may change according to their situations can be known. 


    Types of DBS Checks


    1) Basic check

     This check is conducted for a variety of purposes. The certificate will contain details of offenses and cautions against the certificate owner. A basic DBS check can be initiated by anyone. Volunteers, potential tenants, immigration applicants, and some employees may have to submit this certificate as verification. Presently, DBS online check only provides Basic Disclosure services and tracking services on its website. You can apply for a basic DBS check online and receive your results within 2 working days. 

    You will need to upload your primary identity document ( e.g. valid passport), trusted government-issued certificates ( driver’s license) and financial documents ( Financial statements; credit or debit card) for the check to be conducted.

    2) Standard Check

    Standard checks are done by employers who have received their employees’ approval. This check is suitable for offices where integrity and good conduct are essential. Accounting officers, pharmacists,  officials of the law,  firearm license applicants and persons working in sensitive positions will have their details scanned for a Standard check. You can not apply for this program, only employers have the privilege of requesting this check via registered bodies. 

    For a standard check, you will fill and submit the DBS form given to you by your employer along with the required documents. Your employer will submit these details to the DBS department directly or through an umbrella body. The scan will be administered through the national police computer database. At the end of the search, the certificate will be sent to your mail or email.

    3) Enhanced check

     Enhanced checks are administered for prospective caregivers. These are professionals that will interact with children, the elderly and mental health patients susceptible to the negative control of criminals. Personnel in the UKGC ( United Kingdom Gambling Commission) and taxi drivers are also eligible for this certificate.

     The enhanced check can only be requested by the employer or organization but, the results will be sent to you. This type of check and standard check have similar procedures. However, in enhanced checks, the local police records will also be involved for records of violence or misbehavior. 

    If you pass the standard or Enhanced test, your prospective employer could request that your details be transferred to the Barring team. Your details will be cross-examined through the list of those barred from interacting with children and the list for vulnerable adults. 



    This is an independent service provider company that offers disclosure or DBS and tracking services to its impressive clientele of organizations and individuals. We promise extensive, quick and accurate results to our customers. Our user-friendly interface eases your application process while the automated email reminders for the DBS recheck keep you updated on your status. An account officer is assigned to every account created with us. This enables us to provide the essential information regarding any questions you might have. 

    There are several stages your application goes through before the final certificate issuance stage. Before it gets to this stage, some delays may occur which is likely out of our control. At DBS Check Online, we understand that awareness avoids errors. So, we built a tracking system that shows you the progress of your check; and the reason for the delay. A delay could occur because of inaccurate information that needs immediate correction. 

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    Individuals are advised to apply for the basic DBS scan before prospective employers request it. This will be convenient and reduce the anxiety associated with delay and waiting.


  • What’s the difference between NPPV and DBS checks?

    What’s the difference between NPPV and DBS checks?

    NPPV and DBS checks

    NPPV and DBS checks are two methods used by employers to vet potential employees. Non-police personnel vetting, or NPPV, is a process that helps to ensure the safety and security of individuals who interact regularly with members of the public. NPPV checks refer to vetting procedures carried out by non-police personnel, such as human resources or security staff. These NPPV checks typically involve looking at a candidate’s references, academic background, and work history in order to assess their suitability for the position.

    Apply for a DBS Check

    Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

    Because NPPV checking entails a more thorough examination than any DBS check, these police vetting reviews take longer to complete. Additionally, several members of the family and the person applying for the permission may need to undergo checks. There will be a set period after which the vetting process will be repeated depending on the role. NPPVs are typically performed every three years.

    On the other hand, DBS checks are performed by the Disclosure and Barring Service, which is an official government body that handles criminal records verification for both private and public entities. Unlike NPPV checks, DBS checks typically involve more extensive background research, including analyzing an applicant’s criminal record for any signs of wrongdoing. DBS checks simply need information from the applicant, but NPPV checks also require information about family, friends, and associates.

    There is no expiration date for DBS checks, but employers may request a new DBS certificate when you change jobs.

    These are two ways of ensuring that you are hiring employees who are trustworthy and reliable.

    NPPV and DBS checks each play an important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in these types of interactions. It is therefore essential to work with a reputable vetting service experienced in conducting these types of screenings. 

    If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to meet your criminal record checking needs, look no further than DBS Check Online.

    Our fast and efficient service offers a great deal of convenience, with as many as 40% of checks being returned within just 48 hours. Our quick and easy registration process allows you to get up and running in no time – most users can complete their account set-up within the hour. Background checks may be done on several individuals. 

    DBS Check Online is a leading provider of criminal background checks for individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service possible, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver accurate and comprehensive results. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to conducting thorough screenings, and we are confident that we can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the people you work with.