Is a DBS Check transferable?

Is a DBS Check transferable?

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DBS Checks are used throughout the UK as a means for employers to make informed recruitment decisions when bringing on new employees to their organization. DBS Checks are not able to access criminal records from overseas, so if the applicant has lived outside of the UK, the DBS Check may not reflect the applicant’s full criminal record.

DBS Checks have become very popular throughout organizations, and it is very common for applicants to have to provide one when starting a new job.

So, are they transferable?

The not so simple answer is yes and no. 

A DBS Check is transferable if you signed up for the Update Service within thirty days of getting the initial certificate. 

Even if you signed up for the Update Service within the thirty-day requirement, you may still be required to get a new DBS Check when switching to a new job.

Why do I need to get a new DBS Check?

So you are starting a new job and have to get another DBS Check, or you already have the Update Service, but you are still being required to get a new certificate.

Why is that?

The problem is, that there may be regulations or a policy in place at the new organization where an up-to-date DBS Check is required for all employees. 

Companies can also be wary of certificates that were issued several years prior, and it is up to the company’s discretion if they want to request a new DBS check or not.

How do I get a new DBS Check?

There are several reputable companies out there that can provide new DBS Checks, but knowing which one to go with can be a challenge. DBS Checks shouldn’t take forever for a return, nor should they cost a fortune.

Options like DBS Check Online that have quick turnaround times and charge fair prices are always the top option. 

We understand that you may not have the time or financial means to go through a rigorous process to get an updated certificate. All of us at DBS Check Online take pride in our easy-to-use, three-step system that on average returns DBS Checks in under two days, at a fraction of the cost.

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