DBS check online: Our services

DBS check online: Our services

Comprehensive, fast, and secure basic DBS Checks for individuals and organizations. Submit an application and receive your certificate within 2 working days.

DBS Check Online provides a good quality background check that you can trust before doing business with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you need a background check on an individual or an organization DBS Check Online has you covered within your DBS online account!

We have different packages for both individuals and organizations. 

Our Disclosure and Barring Service packages:

Basic DBS check:

The choices are basic, standard, and enhanced. The basic package will include any unspent criminal convictions. That means any convictions that are still on a criminal record and have not been removed as a condition of completing your rehabilitation. The basic package can be applied to either an individual or an organization. 


Standard DBS check

Our standard package is an option for certain roles who will not have regular contact with not only children but also vulnerable adults. Generally, we see these applied in the financial, legal, and gaming industry.

Enhanced DBS check

Our enhanced check is to check everything possible in a criminal background. It will show every conviction it does not matter if rehabilitation has been completed or not. It does not only run against Police Nationals records but against the children and adult barred list as well. It’s a requirement for any roles that involve you having an ongoing connection with either children or vulnerable adults. 

Our value:

No matter which package you choose, we are proven to be quick and efficient. Almost half of our reports are returned in under forty-eight hours!  We know you are busy and your time is very precious. That is why we have developed a very user-friendly platform with your DBS online account that can get you up and running in about an hour. We do not have a monthly fee so you only pay for the services that you need. So we are affordable for everyone and have your needs covered.

Another way that we have you covered is that we will check the certifications that you have received from us often and make sure that they are still current. If we determine that something needs to be rechecked on a previous background check to make sure that no criminal activity has changed we will email you automatically to make you aware of that. In this process, we have eliminated human error as much as possible as these checks are completed by an in-house tool that we utilize.

We understand the importance of the information that you are entrusting us with. We have many safety guards to keep all your information safe and secure from any possible data breaches.

Some important information for you to know is that even though we are located in the UK we can still help with your needs and you can still utilize our services even if you are located outside of the UK. We would recommend using our premium package in this situation as overseas shipping is included in the cost.

In the spirit of transparency please note we are in no way affiliated with the UK government we are a third party providing you with a valuable service for a fee. What that means to you is that if there is a disagreement about something found in a report for example a conviction showing up that should not have been on your report we can not correct that. That is something that will have to be addressed directly with the branch of government reporting that information to us.


How to get your DBS check?

So how do you get things started? We have made it as quick and painless as possible with our easy three-step system. First, you complete a simple application on our site. Then you confirm and upload the needed documents. 

That’s it! You then just wait for your report to show up in just 2-7 business days. We even send it to your email so there is no waiting on the mail! We also have the ability for you to be notified via text message or email when your application has been processed and completed for the background check. In addition to that, you also can track the status of your background check in the member zone as well. So there is no wondering if you know exactly where we are in the process the entire time.

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