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What are the Required DBS ID Documents?

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Is it your first time applying for a DBS and you are lost on what are the required DBS ID documents?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to look further as this looks like a job for us.

In this post, we’ve shared all the documents required for a DBS check based on the varying DBS types and a comprehensive way to apply for the certificate. 

Documents Required for a DBS Check

There are three levels of DBS checks and each one requires a different set of documents. Let’s look at each of them in detail:

Basic DBS Check

A basic DBS check is a criminal record check of an individual, usually requested by employers before hiring someone.

You’ll need the following documents for the Basic DBS check:

  • An identification document, for instance, a passport or a driving license.
  • Verification of the address. You can do this by providing a utility bill, a bank card, or any other official document that has your address on it. 

Standard DBS Check

A standard DBS check is the second level of criminal record check and involves, cautions, warnings, reprimands, and unspent convictions.

You’ll need the following documents for the standard DBS check:

  • One document from Group 1, which we’ll be discussing below.
  • Two more documents from Group 2a or 2b, with one of them containing proof of address. 

Enhanced DBS Check

An enhanced DBS check is the highest level of the criminal record check. Alongside all the checks from the standard DBS check, it also requires the Adult First list or Children’s Barred List check.

You’ll need the following documents for the enhanced DBS check:

  • At least one document from Group 2a.
  • Two more documents from Group 2a or 2b. 

Group 1

Group 2a

Group 2b

Birth or adoption certificate

Birth certificate

Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Driving license

Bank or building society statement

Driving license

Driving license (paper version)

Child benefit or pension or any other such benefit statement


Firearms license

Council Tax statement


HM forces ID card

Credit card statement


Immigration document, visa, or work permit

EEA National ID card


Marriage/civil partnership certificate

Government entitlement document



Irish Passport Card



Letter from head teacher or college principal



Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider



Mortgage statement



P45 or P60 statement



PASS accredited cards with the logo



Pension or endowment or any other financial statement



Utility bill

How to Apply for a DBS?

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