What You Don't Know About DBS

What You Don’t Know About DBS

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Over the years, there has been a rise in the rate at which personnel and professionals abuse their offices. Vulnerable individuals, have been harmed or negatively affected by their supposed caregivers and protectors. Sensitive personal information privy to only legal and security bodies has been disclosed. Thus, making the victims of such actions open to attack, harassment and potential death.

To reduce these activities and their recurring effects, the United Kingdom’s government commissioned the DBS service. This body is responsible for reviewing individual details and enabling employers to make secure decisions in England, Wales, Channel Island and the Isle of Man.


What is DBS?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a scanning department in the United Kingdom. They are tasked with the assignment of examining the details of a potential employee and issuing appropriate certificates according to their results. The disclosure team in DBS is responsible for DBS checks while the Barring team is responsible for the maintenance of two lists containing the details of barred persons.

 This department examines the criminal records of the individual before the certificates are sent. DBS check was previously termed CRB (Criminal records Bureau) check. It was restructured and given a new name in 2012,  when the CRB merged with the ISA ( Independent Safeguarding Authority). However, CRB and DBS have similar procedures to reduce confusion.

DBS Check

DBS check is a scanning process usually initiated by employers of labor to verify the criminal status of their potential employees. You must have completed other employment processes before your future employer initiates the DBS procedure. This inquiry can be conducted through the DBS department or via a third party organization like DBS check online. A DBS check is used to determine the suitability of an employee for a particular office. At DBS check online, the information you share with us and your certificate is confidential.

The Validity Period of the DBS Certificate

Although, it is recommended that your certificate be renewed after three years. Due to the sensitivity of some job positions, employers request a renewal in 6 month- 2 years intervals. So, the current and accurate status of their employees which may change according to their situations can be known. 


Types of DBS Checks


1) Basic check

 This check is conducted for a variety of purposes. The certificate will contain details of offenses and cautions against the certificate owner. A basic DBS check can be initiated by anyone. Volunteers, potential tenants, immigration applicants, and some employees may have to submit this certificate as verification. Presently, DBS online check only provides Basic Disclosure services and tracking services on its website. You can apply for a basic DBS check online and receive your results within 2 working days. 

You will need to upload your primary identity document ( e.g. valid passport), trusted government-issued certificates ( driver’s license) and financial documents ( Financial statements; credit or debit card) for the check to be conducted.

2) Standard Check

Standard checks are done by employers who have received their employees’ approval. This check is suitable for offices where integrity and good conduct are essential. Accounting officers, pharmacists,  officials of the law,  firearm license applicants and persons working in sensitive positions will have their details scanned for a Standard check. You can not apply for this program, only employers have the privilege of requesting this check via registered bodies. 

For a standard check, you will fill and submit the DBS form given to you by your employer along with the required documents. Your employer will submit these details to the DBS department directly or through an umbrella body. The scan will be administered through the national police computer database. At the end of the search, the certificate will be sent to your mail or email.

3) Enhanced check

 Enhanced checks are administered for prospective caregivers. These are professionals that will interact with children, the elderly and mental health patients susceptible to the negative control of criminals. Personnel in the UKGC ( United Kingdom Gambling Commission) and taxi drivers are also eligible for this certificate.

 The enhanced check can only be requested by the employer or organization but, the results will be sent to you. This type of check and standard check have similar procedures. However, in enhanced checks, the local police records will also be involved for records of violence or misbehavior. 

If you pass the standard or Enhanced test, your prospective employer could request that your details be transferred to the Barring team. Your details will be cross-examined through the list of those barred from interacting with children and the list for vulnerable adults. 



This is an independent service provider company that offers disclosure or DBS and tracking services to its impressive clientele of organizations and individuals. We promise extensive, quick and accurate results to our customers. Our user-friendly interface eases your application process while the automated email reminders for the DBS recheck keep you updated on your status. An account officer is assigned to every account created with us. This enables us to provide the essential information regarding any questions you might have. 

There are several stages your application goes through before the final certificate issuance stage. Before it gets to this stage, some delays may occur which is likely out of our control. At DBS Check Online, we understand that awareness avoids errors. So, we built a tracking system that shows you the progress of your check; and the reason for the delay. A delay could occur because of inaccurate information that needs immediate correction. 

Call to Action!

In a world where crime is steadily growing and honesty has become a difficult trait to discover, the DBS scan is not a nuisance designed to upset and delay your plans. More lives and assets have been lost because of misplaced trust than the actions of strangers. To secure the safety of you, your loved ones and your assets: Come apply for a DBS scan at DBS CHECK ONLINE Now

Individuals are advised to apply for the basic DBS scan before prospective employers request it. This will be convenient and reduce the anxiety associated with delay and waiting.


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