Can I start work before the DBS check is completed?

Can I start work before the DBS check is completed?

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The short answer is ‘yes’, but it’s slightly more complicated. DBS Check Online has all the answers to your questions about DBS checks in the UK.


Understanding the DBS process


Many different professions require a new employee to undergo a DBS check. The problem with the process is that it can be quite lengthy and involves the employee filling out a form listing their personal details, the employer verifying their identity documents, and then the form is sent to the DBS for the police checks to be carried out. 


On average, this process can take eight weeks. Verification may take even longer if someone has changed their name a lot and moved dozens of times. There is no way around this process and no way to speed things up there is no option to pay extra for “express service”. Keep in mind that it can take several weeks for a DBS check to be returned when you apply for a new position, and always complete the forms urgently to make the process go as smoothly as possible. There are, however, some options for the employer and employee while waiting for a DBS check to be completed.


Can I Start Working While Waiting?


Depending on the nature of the job you applied for, your employer may be happy to let you start working according to the kind of work and your specific role within the organization. By law, some organizations cannot do this; if so, this should be explained during the interview. If the employer is happy to allow you to start, this may be subject to certain restrictions, such as closer supervision or being able to do only part of the entire role. Each employer has its own policy on people starting work before a DBS check is complete, so always check during an interview or with the organization’s human resources department.


How can I accelerate a DBS check?


Once the DBS form is in the system, there’s not much you can do to speed things up, but you can make things run smoother. Always read the form carefully and ensure you fill in the right boxes in the right format. Do not omit any information that you might consider irrelevant if requested. Make sure your employer signs and verifies your DBS form and sends it the same day to minimize waits. And the smartest thing to make the process run as smoothly and quickly as possible is to use the services of DBS Check Online.


How DBS Check Online UK can help?

Our unique, user-friendly platform offers the full range of DBS checks. We provide a fast and efficient service, with 40 percent of checks completed and returned in less than 48 hours. In addition, our straightforward registration process may get you up and running in about an hour. DBS Check Online is the best way for organizations and individuals to fulfill their criminal record checking requirements.

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